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Cersei and daenerys meme

Game of Thrones season 8 finally premiered Sunday night and not only was it worth waiting for, it was worth joking about online.

Maybe you thought the episode was just another one of your wild dreams, but no, that spiral thing happened and Jon did actually ride before he finally learned the truth about his family.

And as he did, fans found the humor in the drama of the epic fantasy series, blending the two into a series of therapeutic Game of Thrones memes and season 8 premiere memes most fans can relate to. The premiere was filled wall to wall with memorable moments. And at last, Jon Snow riding the Rhaegal. But some had more comedic potential than others, and the GIFs capture them all.

Just imagine a staring contest between these two GameOfThrones pic. Samwell: My dog, Pongo? Daenerys: Run over by a carriage. Samwell: My goldfish, Goldie?

Daenerys: Eaten by the cat. Samwell: My cat? Daenerys: Choked on the goldfish. How to Train Jon Snow's Dragon pic. So glad they included my favorite scene from Harry Potter in the season premiere of GameofThrones pic. I mean GameofThrones pic. Sansa, throwing shade at Khaleesi: "What do dragons eat anyway?

The shade between Sansa and Daenerys is sooo delicious GameofThrones. Jon Snow doing the math after the news from Sam. Jon snow after sam told him everything GameOfThrones pic.

Major takeaway from the GameofThrones season 8 premiere: Jon Snow deserves to be king because he's the only person on this show who initiates decent hugs during long-awaited reunions. Jon Snow and Arya Stark reuniting because sometimes different roads lead to the same castle.

27 "Game Of Thrones" Meets "The Office" Memes That Will Have You LOLing

The emotions of coming from Jon Snow and Arya Stark got me like. ForTheThrone GameofThrones pic. Me: eats some carbs My diet: GameofThrones pic. GameofThrones Everyone: Minding their own business. Bran: pic.TGIF, y'all! To celebrate making it through another week we've put together a tasty selection of memes to get you back into the happy zone.

From nerdy gems to painfully relatable shitpoststhere's something in here for everyone. While most people choose to air their grievances on Twitter, the more creatively inclined internet users have opted to create their own whiny and savage memes. Here's a selection of some of our favorites. Whether you loved or hated the series finale of Game of Thrones, or just decided to complain about it, there's no denying that the much-talked about HBO series has inspired a whole lot of great content.

We probably won't see the end of Westerosi memes any time soon, but these are some of our favorites that pertain to the show's last episode.

Twitter certainly had a lot to say about the series finale of Game Of Thrones - but there's one tweet that seems to have made a huge impression on the social media site.

cersei and daenerys meme

Jonathan Hill of Santa Clarita tweeted a video of Drogon behind Daenerys making it appear that she has the wings of a dragon. The text reads: "This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film study class GameofThrones. Twitter users began subbing the shot of Daenerys Targaryen with shots from cult classics and arguably inane works of film. It's an incredibly versatile meme, and a whole lot of fun. Listen, we're all still reeling from the season 8 finale of Game of Thrones here, so here's something a little more lighthearted for you that we hope you'll appreciate: this dude, who runs the Instagram account "Lowcost Cosplay," dresses up as different characters in pop culture on a budget.

You can check out more of his work here - we have to say, he's definitely onto something. Screw your responsibilities! Those are tomorrow-You's problem! Instead, procrastinate on your important duties and look at memes and tweets.

They'll give you that pep in your step that you so desperately need. And besides, it's good to take a break every once in a while - your brain will thank you! A Change. People have been very unhappy with the show's writing - mainly with confusing character arcs and major plot holes. While we definitely agree with much of the unhappy sentiment, let's be real: there are way more important causes that deserve this overwhelming support.

Twitter seems to agree. The petition has left many people completely dumbfounded, and they're showing their disdain the best way they know how: in characters or less.

Instead we'd rather focus on these fire memes. We've been having a whole lot of fun with Snapchat's gender change filter since its release last week, so we figured we might as well apply it to our favorite television show, Game of Thrones. Well, what once was our favorite television show. We mostly stuck to season 8 regulars, but couldn't help putting these goofy filters on some old fan favorites.

Tell us who we missed in the comments! We're still absolutely shook over the events of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 - as we recounted in our reactions post. Now that we've accepted that our favorite characters are either dead or dead to us, all we have left are memes. And these memes really do sum up our feelings about this fiery garbage can of an episode. Tonight we bore witness to one of the most bloody, fiery, and ultimately, disappointing episodes of Game of Thrones to date.

The episode began with Varys sending word of Jon Snow's parentage to an unknown recipient. The Master of Whispers would not live to see the result of his efforts. Dany quickly learned of the treason from Tyrion and sentenced Varys to death by Drogon, a fate that most of Kings Landing shared by the end of the episode.

Daenerys' transformation into her father was shocking to many viewers who took to Twitter to express their contempt for the character's unraveling.

Many fans were equally shook over Jaime and Cersei's demise. Jaime is mortally wounded by Euron Greyjoy and goes to die with his twin and lover.

Their ultimate death by rubble seemed an anticlimactic fate for such complicated and integral characters.Cersei Lannister is probably one of the best television villains of all time.

Is Cersei dead? Game of Thrones fans are outraged and the memes are everything

Of course, she certainly has quite the fan base, and it's safe to say she's also one of the most loved villains out there.

While our favorite drama from HBO came to an end, we're still laughing at all of the incredible memes that were created throughout the series. In case you need a reminder, and some laughs, here are 10 hilarious memes about Cersei Lannister for all the die-hard lion fans out there. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Don't we all wish someone would look at us this way? Cersei has that perfect longing gaze. The downside is that she usually uses it to watch things burn to a crisp. She feels great pride and pleasure in watching things explode at her own hands. While she doesn't look at any of her lovers this way, we wish that our boyfriend or girlfriend would give us such a longing look.

That's love right there. Surprisingly, there are a lot of memes out there that let people relate to this wicked villain. Drinking wine is definitely one, and this weekly calendar of events is certainly something every wine lover can relate to. There's a Cersei meme for everything, even if it's her being shamed in the streets or trapped in a jail cell by a twisted religious man.

Still, we've definitely all been the woman in this meme, and we all know we can become this icon with a bit, or a lot, of wine. What do you think about Cersei's death? This one will probably hurt all fans deep in their soul. While we all have our own complaints about the show's ending, this was one that fans can probably all agree on. Cersei and Jamie met their demise in an unfortunate rock trampling, where they get trapped under the destroyed Red Keep.

This list points out a handful of other, way better, ways for this iconic villain to have met her end. And apparently, even getting pneumonia would have made fans happier. In fact, we agree. This is probably the most wickedly funny meme on the list. Cersei literally has two goals, and one of them has sadly been taken away from her.

cersei and daenerys meme

There's another version of this meme, where she's "here to blow up all of her enemies", too, which is a bit more cynical and violent. Still, this Cersei meme encompasses every motivation of this wonderful villain, and we seriously wouldn't want to get in her way. We've all seen serious memes throughout the series with this iconic quote from Cersei's prophecy, except it's a picture of Sansa or Daenerys.

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This one is certainly the funniest, and after viewing the whole series, has a hilarious amount of truth to it. Clearly, not all of Cersei's prophecies could come true, but fans still love to prove how ridiculous that is. Hey, Bran is pretty young and beautiful, isn't he?

All workers everywhere can totally relate to this meme. When your boss asks you to complete a new task with one minute left of your shift, you really do feel Cersei Lannister's pain of being shamed all the way up to the Red Keep. It's practically the same, isn't it? For everyone with a job and a boss, we know you have felt this utter devastation and hopelessness. However, we hope that you don't have to tap into your Cersei spirit animal at pm.

All fans were all devastating and disappointed when the beautifully brilliant Missandei met her demise. If this meme had played out on the show, fans likely would've lost their minds. These were the last words that this icon definitely should've said. In any case, this meme is certainly hilarious, and we wish at least someone had told Cersei the truth about Jamie and Brienne. In any event, this meme has us laughing out loud, and we wish Missandei could've had a fiery quote like this in her final moments.Cersei's controversial death has inspired the funniest Game of Thrones memes Cersei finally met her match in Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5 but fans aren't impressed and the memes sum up how angry people are.

Who died in Game of Thrones? Every death in season 8 so far. Ever since Game of Thrones began, viewers have been eager to see Cersei Lannister die.

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Over the course of eight seasons, she has consistently killed people in her pursuit of power and shown no care at all for the citizens in the kingdom she rules over. With that in mind, it should come as no shock that viewers expected and wanted her to get killed in the show's final season. However, now that it's seemingly happened, fans are outraged by what kills her. Cersei has many enemies and it seemed likely that season 8 would see one of them finally get revenge and kill her.

Arya and Daenerys both had plenty of reasons to personally take Cersei down, and yet they did not. People also theorised that Jaime might complete his redemption arc by assassinating her, and yet he did not. Instead, Jaime returns to Cersei and attempts to run away with with her. If that weren't enough, a human being doesn't even kill Cersei. After watching Daenerys burn King's Landing to the ground, Cersei tries to flee with Jaime but they get stuck.

Crying Cersei says "I don't want to die", Jaime then holds her in his arms and comforts her, as the Red Keep collapses above them, and they seemingly die. After eight seasons, one of TV's best villains is killed by a rock. There is a chance that Cersei and Jaime are still alive - we never see their bodies and they could possibly escape the rubble - but it seems most likely that the rocks killed them and they are gone for good. Given how anti-climatic the ending is, it makes sense that fans are outraged.

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With that in mind, we've gathered together the best memes in reaction to Cersei's death. GameofThrones all that build up and this is how Cersei goes out pic. I need to believe Cersei isn't dead. It makes no sense after all that build up over the years, that she would just die in the arms of the love of her life.

The writing cannot possibly be so bad as to allow that. We not even happy Cersei dead. DemThrones GameOfThrones. Harry Potter. Social Media. Selena Gomez. Is Cersei dead?

Game of Thrones fans are outraged and the memes are everything 13 MayUpdated: 13 May By Sam Prance samprance.

cersei and daenerys meme

Trending on PopBuzz.The War of the Five Kings occupied the narrative during the first four seasons of Game Of Thronesbut season seven was all about the battle of the queens. Cersei Lannister becomes Queen of the Seven Kingdoms in the season six finale, but her coronation correlates with Daenerys Targaryen finally leaving Meereen and returning to Westeros to claim the Iron Throne. Cersei and Daenerys wage war against each other throughout the show's final seasons.

Although Daenerys eventually defeats Cersei and takes King's Landing before her demise in the series finale, the Lannister queen does not go down without a fight. Here are the ten worst things that Cersei did to Daenerys. Daenerys Targaryen arrives in Westeros with a strong network of allies.

Dany's allies are soon ambushed by the Iron Fleet after Cersei allies with Euron. Daenerys loses her Westerosi supporters and a large portion of her council. This is a great strategic move by Cersei, who weakens Daenerys' connection to the Seven Kingdoms to portray her as a "foreign invader.

Game of Thrones Fans Have Come Up With Some Memes Epic Enough for That Premiere

Olenna and Daenerys shared a brief scene during season seven in which the Tyrell matriarch tells the young queen to "be a dragon.

House Tyrell was the richest family in Westeros and Cersei greatly weakens Daenerys when she kills Olenna and steals the Tyrell gold. Olenna was a shrewd and capable political player and Dany's conquest could have been successful with House Tyrell behind her.

With the Night King and his army marching on the Wall, Jon and Dany ask Cersei for a truce and she eventually agrees, only to betray them later. This is a classic Cersei Lannister move. As soon as the Stark and Targaryen forces leave the city, she begins to plot their downfall.

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She is one of the most cunning and ruthless players in the game of thrones and Tyrion should have known that she would never agree to work with her enemies. Cersei is heavily outnumbered and outmanned by Daenerys' army in season seven which prompts her to utilize more subtle battle tactics. Cersei brings up Daenerys' conquest of Slaver's Bay but twists the truth to spread hatred and distrust against the Dragon Queen. It is a clever tactic that besmirches the Breaker of Chains and leads to Daenerys turning against the Westerosi people.

Cersei wouldn't be Cersei if she didn't scheme against her enemies even when seemingly defeated. Despite agreeing to help in the fight against the White Walkers, the Lannister queen betrays her allies and instructs Bronn to kill Tyrion. Qyburn tells Bronn that she has a special plan for Daenerys, revealing that Cersei has been continuing to plot against her enemy. Although Cersei dies during the battle of King's Landing, her schemes against Daenerys were still partly successful.

Dany turned on the people and destroyed the city she intended to save, sealing her tragic fate. Cersei was Tywin Lannister's daughter until her death and refused to bend the knee to Daenerys.

In season seven, she tells Qyburn to build a scorpion that injures Drogon and the scorpions have more devastating consequences for the dragons when Euron kills Rhaegal in season eight. Other than the Night King, the scorpions were the biggest threat against Daenerys' children.Compare strategies, share knowledge and validate decisions (or not) on our discussion boards. New subscribers can take advantage of this fantastic deal with a money-back guarantee if you decide Money Observer isn't for you.

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Cersei was right about Daenerys (The Mad Queen)

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